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There can be circumstances when you need to cancel your trip. In this situation, the main headache of the whole process is cancelling the flight tickets. United Airlines has a really flexible policy that allows you to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of purchasing the tickets. If you need to buy tickets or cancel the reservations, the United Airlines Cancellation helpdesk can help you. In some conditions, you may or may not be paid for cancellation. Let’s see the United Airlines Cancellation policy in-depth and how our team can help you out.

Know About the Airline

Founded in 1926, United Airlines is a major American airline with its headquarters located in Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, it’s the third-largest airline in the world when measured by route network and fleet size. The airline provides its passenger and cargo flight services to more than 340 destinations in 74 countries on five continents. It is one of the founding members of the world’s largest airline group- Star Alliance. Using a huge fleet of 750+ aircraft, United operates around 4,900 flights daily and 1.7 million flights annually. More than 150 million passengers fly with United Airlines every year.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

The United Airlines Cancellation policy may vary depending on the type of tickets (cabin classes). When a cancellation request requires to be made, the flyer might get a full refund, a partial refund or no refund at all. Before booking a United Airlines tickets, make sure you read the cancellation policy associated with the cabin class of fare you purchase.

24-hour flexible booking policy

United Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy for all passengers except some particular ticket holders. Travelers can claim full-refund if the cancellation request made within 24 hours after purchasing the tickets. For example- if a flyer book a 24-hours cancellation policy eligible ticket on United at 8 pm than flyer has 24 hours (till next day 8 pm) to cancel the tickets and get a full refund. Under this flexible policy, the traveler also modifies flights such as travel dates or seats within 24 hours of the reservation without paying a change fee. The traveler can contact the United Airlines Cancellation helpdesk for further assistance.

Refundable Tickets

When flyers buy a refundable ticket, they can cancel their flight anytime without worries of a penalty. The traveler will get a full refund amount for the original ticket price. Point to be noted that a refundable ticket price is a lot more expensive than non-refundable tickets. These refundable tickets are good options for those passengers who book their tickets in very early, frequent flyer or busy business persons. The amount of refund will not transfer right away after cancellation; it takes up to 7 working days. However, United Airlines Cancellation helpdesk works 24/7 to solve all cancellation and reservation related queries. According to Frommer’s, the U.S. Department of Transportation has a strict regulation that airlines must transfer the refund amount within 7 days after cancellation. 

Non-refundable Tickets

These non-refundable tickets are very cheap but come with a headache of cancellation. These tickets are a good option for those who reserve seats at the last minute, traveling in a large group or have a fixed travel date. Passenger will not get the refund but they can use the amount of canceled ticket towards booking a new ticket (Note- United Airlines Cancellation fees will charge, the amount may vary depending on the destination and type of change). In some special cases, the amount will be refunds such as the death of a traveling partner, death of a family member, jury duty or legal situation. The refund amount will be issued after minus a processing fee. United Airlines Cancellation helpdesk can help you cancel your non-refunded tickets and book the new exchanged ticket.

Travel Insurance

Passengers also purchase travel insurance while making the reservation of United Airlines. This insurance provides security towards United Airlines Cancellation and Change policy. This insurance also protects passengers from the cost of medical assistance, accommodations, and extra unexpected travel expenses

How United Airlines Cancellation helpdesk help you?

United Airlines Cancellation Helpdesk not just helps you out with flight cancellation/ change situations but offers all-round support. From reservation to flight status, passengers can call our experts for support. Our numbers are toll-free and 24/7 available. Besides dealing with cancellation, we offer these following services:

  • Instant tickets booking
  • Provide great deals and discounts
  • Book additional baggage
  • Books additional flight services such as special meals, preferred seat service, and in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Assistance for Um and Lap child services
  • Assistance for differently-abled flyers
  • Early-bird check-in service and more

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